Technology is Necessary, but Relationships Bolster Business in Uncertain Times

Patterson-Woods Principal, Joseph Latina, shares his thoughts on maintaining successful business relationships in the latest issue of Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal (MAREJ).

Patterson-Woods Principal Joseph Latina shares his thoughts on the future of the retail market in the latest edition of Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal. Click Here to Read.

Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties/CORFAC International is pleased to announce that prinipals Tony Bariglio and Rich Dudek are named as Top Leasing Brokers in the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal's "Best of 2019" publication.

The brokers were chosen based on the total square feet they individually leased in 2019. Their recognition can be seen on page 68 of the issue, or by clicking here.

Additionally, Patterson-Woods was recognized on page 77 for their success with special use deals in 2019.

Click here to view the full issue.