Pride in Our Delaware Heritage

All of us at Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties either grew up in Delaware – and Wilmington in particular, or have lived in Wilmington so long that we are nearly as native as Caesar Rodney. We are proud to be known as ‘The First State’ for being the first of the 13 colonies to ratify the U.S. Constitution. We are proud of our business ties for having nicknames like the ‘Chemical Capital of the World’ due to DuPont Company origins, and also the ‘Corporate Capital’ of the U.S. because of the Delaware’s business-friendly reputation and Chancery Court system.

Who We Are

We are extremely good at what we do, we do business the right way and we look after everyone in a transaction. Our word is our bond.

We possess tremendous work ethic and have the most experienced and enthusiastic agents in this market and business. We are well connected to the community, having emerged from the largest and most successful residential real estate company in the region — Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate — almost two decades ago. From inception, we’ve been the most technologically innovative commercial real estate firm in the region and were among the first of brokerages to use computers and to have a website.

We are good listeners, who are excellent at finding solutions for our clients and we tie it all together with the broad perspective that comes from being in business this long and serving the best-and-brightest professionals in Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Our Focus and Expertise

  • Mid-Atlantic Commercial Property Markets
  • Delaware commercial real estate
  • Northeastern Maryland commercial property
  • Southwestern New Jersey commercial property
  • New Castle County commercial property
  • Sussex County commercial real estate
  • Wilmington DE commercial real estate firms
  • Hartford County MD commercial brokers
  • Delaware commercial real estate brokers
  • Southeastern Pennsylvania commercial property
  • Bucks County PA commercial real estate
  • Kent County DE commercial brokers
  • Cecil County MD commercial brokers