CORFAC International Welcomes Edmund Tie to the Network


CORFAC is pleased to welcome EDMUND TIE/CORFAC International to the global network. Headquartered in Southeast Asia’s gateway city of Singapore, EDMUND TIE also has offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (NAWAWI TIE), and Bangkok, Thailand. CORFAC International has added 10 new offices to the network in 2019.

Founded nearly 25 years ago in 1995 and supported by some 400 skilled professionals across the region, EDMUND TIE is a full-range property consulting service that offers both agency and professional services including investment advisory, business space and retail, residential agency, auction and sales, valuation advisory, statutory valuation and property tax advisory, research and consulting, property management and hospitality management.

“We are delighted to be part of this network of independent brokerage firms,” said the group’s chief executive officer, Ms. Ong Choon Fah. “Independent, homegrown firms enjoy exceptional insight and experience which allows us to dive deep into our respective markets with an in-depth appreciation of local norms and regulations. More often than not, knowing how business is done in a particular country could be a key success factor.” 

“When assembled into a global alliance, this network of independent brokerages, under CORFAC’s ambit, can collectively offer unrivaled bespoke services for our clients as an alternative to the quantity- and metric-driven approach of the multinationals,” she added.

CORFAC’s structure of being “globally connected” to offices around the world while remaining an independent firm is what appealed to EDMUND TIE as they contemplated their alliance options. All CORFAC members keep their company name and are not restricted or limited in the type of transactions they are allowed to conduct.

 “CORFAC International is thrilled to welcome EDMUND TIE to our growing global network. The company brings many years of experience serving their clients across Asia; we look forward to their expertise as we continue to expand CORFAC throughout the region,” said 2019 CORFAC International President Sim Doughtie, CCIM, MCR, SLCR, SIOR, of King Industrial/CORFAC International in Atlanta, GA.

Ong Choon Fah, Chief Executive Officer, will be the main CORFAC contact in the Singapore office. Eddy Wong, Managing Director, is the key CORFAC contact in the Malaysia office, while Punnee Sritanyalucksana, Chief Operating Officer, is the main CORFAC contact in the Thailand office. You can reach out to them via e-mail at, and